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What’s Lurking In Your Soap?

The Trouble with Triclosan
Who knew that washing your hands could harm your health and the environment? Thanks to the chemical industry, a hazardous antibacterial compound called triclosan is now an ingredient in many household and personal care products such as soaps, cleaners, cosmetics, clothing, and even children’s toys.

ONEgroup – Pampering In War-Torn Uganda

Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war and the deadly AIDS epidemic. Approximately 2 million children in Uganda have been orphaned by these calamities. Currently there are 880,000 Ugandan children living as orphans as a result of AIDS …and Watoto Childcare Ministries is reaching out to help.
Watoto was created to provide holistic, residential care [...]

What Is A Virus Anyway?

Most people don’t really know what’s meant by the term ‘virus’. Generally, they believe it to be a ‘germ’ that sneaks into the bloodstream to make you unwell. But that’s not even close to the truth. Put VERY simply, a virus is not a living thing at all. It’s a tiny particle of inert genetic [...]

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