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The Mother-Baby Connection

It’s curious what dedicated and loving care we take of our babies, and even our pets, when we often don’t extend the same consideration to ourselves.
We usually don’t feed junk food to babies or pets, and we keep them far away from harsh products because we love and want the best for them. Yet, we [...]

Babies Mainlining Chemicals In Uterus

Mothers pass toxic chemicals to their babies through their umbilical cords, according to a groundbreaking study.
The recent study commissioned by Washington-based Environmental Working Group found an average 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants (body load) in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals.
Exposure to chemicals is a huge concern with infants. Because the [...]

Michelle Obama Goes Organic!

In a groundbreaking effort to educate the American public about healthy eating, US First Lady Michelle Obama recently began an organic garden on the south lawn of the White House.
With the help of local elementary school students, she prepared the soil for the first working kitchen garden seen at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt’s [...]

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