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What Scent Are You Smelling?

Have you ever thought about what the scent in your perfume, body lotion, shampoo or deodorant is? Of course the label tells you it’s “all natural” sweet apple, lavender or jasmine. Not to forget common household products such as dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners and plug-in air fresheners.
We seem to have a misconception about where these [...]

The Organic Movement

The organic movement began at the same time as industrialised agriculture. It evolved through the ’50s and ’60s with the launch of such books as “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, which exposed the toxic effects of pesticides through what is now termed bio-magnification; a process whereby synthetic chemicals used in agriculture magnify (increase in concentration) [...]

What’s In Cheese?

Did you know that most cheeses contain rennet? Rennet is a naturally occurring enzyme that comes from the lining of the stomach of mammals (such as calves), that helps them digest their mother’s milk.

The Secret Life Of A Marshmallow!

Have you ever noticed “Gelatine” or “Gelatin” on the ingredient label in some of the foods you purchase?
Although there are natural, fish and synthetic sources, the most commonly produced gelatine comes from the collagen extracted from boiled bones, skin and organs of animals such as cows, pigs and horses?
Something to think about, next time you’re [...]

Is Baby’s Bath Time Really Safe?

There has been alot of speculation in the media over recent years about the dangers of possible carcinogens used in popular baby care products, such as shampoos and bubble bath. Which has lead to international wide spread calls to ban the use of 1,4-Dioxane and  Formaldehyde  in a variety of products.

YOGA – Slow Down – Balance – Focus

” Awareness is the key for living more consciously! With the distractions of the world today how can we discipline our inner personality to get into a more aware and at peace state of mind? 

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