Hi, I’m Sharon, welcome to Complete Organics and Conscious Living. I set up this site to promote awareness within the community about everyday consumer choices that we make for ourselves and our families. Over the years, I became increasingly concerned that the marketing and advertising we are continually exposed to, may not always reveal the truth behind the things we buy and consume. I wanted to dig a little deeper and when I did, I wasn’t terribly happy with what I had discovered.

With our busy life styles and growing population, mass production of food and household products have become an integral part of our daily lives. By becoming an informed consumer, and by being conscious about the purchases we make for ourselves, our families and the environment we begin to change the world we live in.

Marketing also greatly influences our choices, trends and marketing hype have lead to ignorance about what we are actually purchasing, particularly in regards to our children.

Conscious living and supporting organic farming practices help promote a chemical free society. Certified organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO’s, creating a more sustainable food chain for generations to come.

I joined ONEgroup as an independent representative because of their commitment to ethical and ecological business practices. ONEgroup are the creators of miessence, the world’s first extensive range of certified organic skin care products, certified to international food grade standards. I have inserted links to related products throughout my posts for you to discover the full range of beauty, skin care, mother & baby, health and household products.

It all starts here, with you, the consumer. You have a choice about the direction you wish to take for tomorrow’s future. I hope your journey continues or starts today!

Sharon Gordon

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