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The Balance of Beauty

Nature, in all its incredibly magnificent forms, willingly devotes itself to our good health and pleasure.
Pure water, earth, plants, minerals, the ocean…offers human beings healing, comfort, shelter, and everything we need to live comfortably. Skilled doctors and surgeons compliment nature with their ability to heal. Add exercise, massage, acupuncture, and other healing arts, and we [...]

The Story Of Perfume

People have indulged in the pleasurable ritual of perfuming themselves with aromatic flower blends for thousands of years. Up until the 1900s scents were simple and uncomplicated, like rose and lavender water distilled from out of the garden.
Technology changed all that in the 20th century, submerging pure, unadulterated botanical ingredients under an avalanche of chemical [...]

Lets Get Real!

Natural Beauty isn’t just something we do for our looks. Even more importantly, it’s a mindset that frees us from false expectations when it comes to our faces and bodies.
When we are at peace with the way we look and the way we age, we can truly be content. However, being barraged by media that [...]

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