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What Scent Are You Smelling?

Have you ever thought about what the scent in your perfume, body lotion, shampoo or deodorant is? Of course the label tells you it’s “all natural” sweet apple, lavender or jasmine. Not to forget common household products such as dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners and plug-in air fresheners.
We seem to have a misconception about where these [...]

Aromatherapy: A New-From-Old Science

Essential oils – the aromatic liquid substances derived from plants – are age old.
They’re known to have been used medicinally and therapeutically in many civilisations from as early as 1500 BC. And the medicinal properties attributed to many common oils in ancient times have enjoyed almost continuous use in folk medicine ever since. But it’s [...]

Clean and Green Your Home

Here are some helpful tips to keeping your home green, clean and safe!
Choose better personal products:  Just because a label says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s kidsafe. Read and research ingredient labels, certified organics products are best for kids. Who wants to exposed their young skin to synthetic products.  
Eat fresh plant-based foods: Opt for organic [...]

What’s Lurking In Your Soap?

The Trouble with Triclosan
Who knew that washing your hands could harm your health and the environment? Thanks to the chemical industry, a hazardous antibacterial compound called triclosan is now an ingredient in many household and personal care products such as soaps, cleaners, cosmetics, clothing, and even children’s toys.

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