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The Choices We Make

It’s that simple. Choices matter. They define our lives. Good choices sustain, bad choices destroy. And they really catch up with us as we age. Better to make good choices now, and pass them on to our young, so that all of us can enjoy quality and quantity of life.
Skin care matters too. A good [...]

The Story Of Perfume

People have indulged in the pleasurable ritual of perfuming themselves with aromatic flower blends for thousands of years. Up until the 1900s scents were simple and uncomplicated, like rose and lavender water distilled from out of the garden.
Technology changed all that in the 20th century, submerging pure, unadulterated botanical ingredients under an avalanche of chemical [...]

Brief History of Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Effects of Essential Oils

The practice and use of essential oils is known as aromatherapy. However, there is so much more to aromatherapy than just delightful smells. The word ‘aromatherapy’ stems from two Ancient Greek words: ‘aroma’ meaning fragrance or pleasant smell, and ‘therapeia’ meaning healing.
Essential oils can be extracted by a steam distillation process from the aromatic plant, [...]

Aromatherapy: A New-From-Old Science

Essential oils – the aromatic liquid substances derived from plants – are age old.
They’re known to have been used medicinally and therapeutically in many civilisations from as early as 1500 BC. And the medicinal properties attributed to many common oils in ancient times have enjoyed almost continuous use in folk medicine ever since. But it’s [...]

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