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The Choices We Make

It’s that simple. Choices matter. They define our lives. Good choices sustain, bad choices destroy. And they really catch up with us as we age. Better to make good choices now, and pass them on to our young, so that all of us can enjoy quality and quantity of life.
Skin care matters too. A good [...]

The Balance of Beauty

Nature, in all its incredibly magnificent forms, willingly devotes itself to our good health and pleasure.
Pure water, earth, plants, minerals, the ocean…offers human beings healing, comfort, shelter, and everything we need to live comfortably. Skilled doctors and surgeons compliment nature with their ability to heal. Add exercise, massage, acupuncture, and other healing arts, and we [...]

Synthetic Vs. Botanical

There are perhaps two main schools of thought about which products to use to try and maintain the youthfulness of our skin, and thus our beauty.
One uses conventional wisdom such as lab-generated, synthetic chemical ingredients, and the other uses pure botanical ingredients such as plants, flowers and herbs.

Toxic Beauty – You’re Wearing It!

Suffering for Beauty!
Historically, women have gone to great lengths for beauty. They have endured chronic renal failure, gout and anaemia by using lead based makeup in the Elizabethan era.
French Noblewomen in the 18th century went as far as loosing teeth, suffering gingivitis, kidney and nervous system damage by mixing vermilion rouge which was concocted of [...]

Cheaters Never Prosper!

Finally! Greenwashing and ‘Organic Cheater Brands’ are starting to get their well-deserved comeuppance. Many companies desiring to cash in on the growing organic market have unethically made claims and even developed skin and body care products with the desire to mislead well-meaning, health conscious consumers.

What Scent Are You Smelling?

Have you ever thought about what the scent in your perfume, body lotion, shampoo or deodorant is? Of course the label tells you it’s “all natural” sweet apple, lavender or jasmine. Not to forget common household products such as dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners and plug-in air fresheners.
We seem to have a misconception about where these [...]

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